“Worked in six companies without changing the company”

Gert Mullen (PAUD/SAM1) has been with Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc. in New Richmond for 50 years. Her inherently positive nature has always made her a valued role model to colleagues, especially in turbulent times of uncertainty when it was necessary to adapt positively to the respective changes.


Ms. Mullen, you have been at Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc. in New Richmond for 50 years, congratulations!


Gert Mullen: Thanks a lot! This anniversary certainly makes me a little proud. This year’s summer party was therefore very special to me. That evening, I was congratulated by many of my superiors and colleagues and felt very honored. One does not experience such a great moment every day at work – especially since one highlight was followed by another at the party.


You are talking about the trip …



Gert Mullen: Yes, unbelievable. I was already at the epitome of my happiness on that wonderful summer day – and then I win the main prize at the drawing. Two flight tickets to a destination of my choice within the USA. In February, we plan to visit members of my family in Texas – and soon after I retire, my husband and I will treat ourselves to a trip to Hawaii.




Your anniversary is preceded by an intensive working life that began in 1964. What have been your shaping factors?


Gert Mullen: Looking back, I have eventually ended up as some kind of a change expert. I have had six different employers over the decades without ever changing the company. Anyone interested in the history of PA in the USA knows that, from the beginning, it started as Doughboy Industries, Domain Industries, Doboy Packaging, Nordson, SIG, and now Bosch. And soon another name will be added.


How did you experience all these changes?



Gert Mullen: A lot has changed around me, but I have always remained true to myself. I love working in sales because I have a passion for dealing with people. Whether we are talking about the 1964 swimming pools that I sold or my responsibilities now as a sales assistant for packaging machines – the decisive factor is your attitude. For example, I am just as enthusiastic as I am dutiful. In addition, it has always been important for me to constantly drive my career forward.




Where do you get such inner and outer strength?


Gert Mullen: That’s easy: I pray, keep fit at the gym, and treat myself to a healthy breakfast every morning – and exactly in that order. That is probably what has helped me automatically develop a positive attitude to life and energy for each day. As a result, I am always able to meet any upcoming changes with full confidence. After all, change is a natural companion in our lives, which I believe we should always take on with the necessary inner flexibility.


With 50 years of professional experience and a lot more life experience, I am sure you are well qualified to give your colleagues wise advice. What tips can you offer?



Gert Mullen: Enjoy life and every single day! Dedicate yourselves to doing something that you love and are comfortable with! Make sure you get a good balance of spending time with family, friends, and work. I have always kept to that and therefore always had a fulfilled working life – regardless of external factors and always in good will with other people.


Thanks a lot Ms. Mullen!



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