Prevention is better than cure

No matter if you have a summer shutdown to carry out your maintenance operations or if follow your individual schedule – we will support you when it comes to planning and conducting your maintenance activities.

A modular Preventive Maintenance Agreement from Bosch ensures that appropriate maintenance activities are conducted at scheduled intervals, for instance once or twice a year, and at pre-defined costs.

By means of our machine-specific maintenance reports, which are available as a hardcopy (pPMR) and electronically (ePMR), you can systematically inspect your equipment based on checklists and document the actual state of the machines as well as the measures for subsequent maintenance. Depending on the report type, you can create your own knowledge database and information platform for your specific equipment.

Prior to the actual maintenance visit, we will inspect the machine and define, together with you, the parts to be replaced during maintenance. On this occasion, we will be pleased to present our E-Portal Mobile to your shop floor staff. With this platform, they will be able to capture parts for maintenance, quotes and orders as a memo by making use of a mobile device.

Our modular maintenance agreements and services range from regular line check-ups and technical audits all the way to complete maintenance packages with a service technician at your plant 24/7.

Based on your level of maintenance activities, production environment and workload, we will select the ideal modules for you, so contact us for any support

We assist you in reducing losses and increasing uptime and profitability of your equipment.



Timo Wörner
Product Manager
Phone: +49 7951 402-878

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