Innovation in the Assembly of Auto Injectors: Rapid Format Exchange for Real Flexibility

Regardless of what type of mainstream Auto Injector (AI) you are using, our flexible range machines (RSA = Range Semi-automated Assembly, RRA = Range Rotary Assembly) can easily be tooled up to assemble and label all known AIs. The scalable platform is available in both semi-automated and fully automated and allows you to acquire the tooling for each format:

  • Implementation of several AI formats on one machine
  • Standard machines which can be retooled for any known AI standard
  • Rapid change over between the different formats of the known AI standards
  • Future new AI types can be introduced easily and at lower costs
  • Short ROI due to high utilization rate of the flexible range machine

The high flexibility secures our customers fast response to changing market requirements. Especially for contract manufacturer, it is of great value to be able to decide on tooling and retooling for a certain AI type at a later stage. For that reason, a well-known contract manufacturer has already decided to go for a flexible range machine from Bosch Packaging Technology.

Would you like to learn more about real flexibility in the assembly of auto injectors?

Please visit us at Interphex (booth 3305) April 2-4, 2019 in New York to enjoy a live presentation of the new semi-automated range machine RSA.



Andersen Michael
Phone: +45(51)386-413


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