Automatic film tracking ensures trouble-free film flow

Are you looking for an adjustment screw to increase your output? One factor is a safe automatic film flow which ensures less machine interruptions and therefore leads to an increased overall efficiency within your production.

Film tracking unit

Film tracking unit

Bosch’s automatic film tracking system centers your machine’s film in a longitudinal direction at all times and will leave a perfectly centered length seam during your packaging process. This modernization offer is suitable for our H-family of flow wrappers, such as the Sigpack HBL, HBM, HBS slug, HCL, HCM, HCS, HCUR, HSF, HSL, HSM and HSS Slug.

Part of this modernization offer is a film tracking unit, an electrical cylinder, PLC and HMI updates as well as a revised version of the documentation. Besides a trouble-free automatic film flow and centered length seam, the main benefits of this system are:

  • Newest machine standard monitoring
  • Less need for recurrent checks throughout sealing process
  • Improved quality of your product

Based on your needs, we design your individual schedule for the turnaround. For example, to shorten downtimes we can plan a limited production per batch.

For more information about our products please visit our Bosch Packaging website. Please do not hesitate to contact us for consultation or any questions you may have.





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