90 years of Makat Candy Technology GmbH

Makat Candy Technology, a company of the Bosch Packaging Technology Group, looks back on a 90-year history this year. While it all started with a small wooden mogul plant, Makat is now one of the most successful special machine manufacturers for the production of fruit gums, jellies and sugar confectionery. One thing is for sure: this story convinces with its innovative strength.

A company constantly on the move

In 1929, two engineers Werner Makat and Paul Rostock founded Magrolo-Maschinen Werner Makat Gmbh in Dresden, Germany, to produce machines for the sweets industry. The company moved to Dierdorf-Wienau in 1976, and today employs about 100 people 10.000 m2 – all working on solutions for producing fruit gum, jellies and sweets for the classic confectionary sector but also in the field over-the-counter and half-pharmaceutical products.

Since 2013 we are supporting our customers in our application and technology center in Dierdorf-Wienau. Here, product developments and test runs as well as experiments and analyses can be run on a laboratory scale and be upscaled for production plants. This applies not only for the whole processing of starch-based jelly production, but also for starchless depositing.

The confectionery industry in the process of change

Looking back on almost one century, the confectionery industry has undergone a far-reaching change. While systems made of wood were common in the beginning, today stainless steel is state of the art, especially in the pharmaceutical sector. But also a change in production from manual work to a fully automated production, as well as a change in scale: diversified products and larger production volumes. Along with this transformation, the demands of customers have also changed, as have the machines and solution that are always aligned to customer’s requirements.

Our product milestones include for example, the development of the world’s first jumbo mogul system and the introduction of the center-in-shell depositing technology for filled products. In addition, the servo-controlled chainless tray conveyor (Roto-step) and the development of the brushless tray edge cleaning system, are also part of our list of innovations.

90 years of company history mean several generations of competent employees, 9 decades of knowledge, experience and commitments well as close cooperation with our customers. Uwe Jansen, CEO of the company, emphasizes: “We are proud of our history and look forward to continuing to shape”.

Besides stand-alone machines we also offer confectionary producers turnkey solutions from a single source – from the kitchen to depositing and packaging of their products. Makat has long ceased to be a pure plant manufacturer, but rather a company that offers its customers extensive services, including spare parts, assembly and modernization, training as well as software and remote services. Furthermore, we offer a range of value-added services to optimize customers’ production process.

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