Shaped Paper Pods – Bosch and BillerudKorsnäs present unique sustainable packaging style

On September 25, Bosch and BillerudKorsnäs took the chance to present a new sustainable, paper packaging style, ideal for portion packs, desirable product samples, inserts, refills, and disposable packaging.

Unique packaging style: Shaped Paper Pods

Within the scope of a one-day event in Waiblingen, Germany producers, consultants and designers with high environmental ambitions took a deeper look into paper packaging and on how to shape a sustainable packaging future.

While the concept of Shaped Paper Pods was introduced at FachPack and PackExpo, participants of this event could not only look at this uniquely shaped packaging style but also at the corresponding machine.

Torsten Sauer, sustainability expert at Bosch Packaging Technology, was leading through this day filled with expert presentations and discussions about paper, its sustainable features and the use as packaging material.

A journey to sustainability

“Many producers face the crucial question of how to reduce or eliminate plastic in packaging while still ensuring adequate product quality”, says Torsten Sauer. “Replacing plastic barriers with bio-degradable ones is a hot topic for producers and we are happy to provide solutions.”

At the assembly hall, participants had the chance to experience a live-demonstration of the machine producing the new “Shaped Paper Pods”. Fully automated, this commercial inline paper shaping system produced several hundred samples within a few minutes.

“We are proud of our newest paper-based packaging solution and we are happy to receive wide interest for it”, says Torsten Sauer. ”With first orders for commercial test productions, we can see that this solution will take its place in sustainable packaging. To take the right way towards a more sustainable future is what we want to do, together with our partners and customers.”

Conclusively he added, “Our aim is to bring paper packaging to a new level, and offer many new opportunities for producers. We are excited about the journey that lies ahead.”

To find out more about our sustainable packaging solutions, you can contact Torsten Sauer directly.



Torsten Sauer

Sustainability Expert


Telephone: +49 711 811 57137

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