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All manufacturing companies have one thing in common: the desire to increase the availability of their machines and systems. In addition to parameters such as process sequences and product requirements, spare parts management plays an important role. The search for the right part often turns into a challenge: production areas are huge; halls and warehouses are often confusing. The stored spare parts are neither labelled in a uniform way nor recorded digitally, which slows down the procurement process.

The optimal solution, however, could be so simple: the required spare parts are selected quickly and without detours, preferably online and directly from the factory – with just one click. The purchasing department is informed immediately and can initiate the official ordering process.

Online platforms for spare parts such as Bosch’s E-Portal offer customer- and machine-specific spare parts overviews and provide relevant information quickly and easily around the clock. Mapping out the entire installed base including the assignment of parts lists to individual machines makes it much easier to search for specific parts. In addition, all employees involved in the procurement process have access to data on availability, ordering options and pricing.

Thanks to the Open Catalog Interface (OCI), all article information can be transferred to the customer’s own OCI-enabled purchasing system. Inquiries and orders are also easy to place: concrete inquiries can be created with just one click from the memo function.

The mobile version of the E-Portal makes work even easier. If machine operators need a specific spare part, they can immediately trigger a search via the mobile E-Portal on their smartphone or tablet and save it in the memo function. The responsible colleagues in the purchasing department also have access to the memo function and can send out an inquiry or an order right away.

The E-Portal is also an important communication channel between Bosch Packaging and the customer. The customer’s employees are informed regularly about technical innovations, availability or obsolescence of specific parts. The current machine documentation can also be accessed via the E-Portal. For more information visit our website.



Klaus Rüttler

Logistics and E-Portal Manager


Phone: +41 58 674-7208


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