Syntegon Gives Back During National Deli Salad Month

The month of is July is #NationalDeliSaladMonth, officially established in 2014 by the Refrigerated Foods Association (RFA) as a month for the food manufacturing industry to give back to their local community food banks.

Refrigerators all across the United States are stocked full with all of your favorite deli salad staples throughout the summer months. The food manufacturing industry across the country is deeply committed to providing a safe, tasty alternative to made-from-scratch salads and ready made meals, many of which are packaged on Osgood machines all across the world.

Deli Salad Filling Machine

July is National Deli Salad Month

What deli salad and food items are packed on an Osgood Machine?

This product category has expanded to include many delicious favorites, such as potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad, dips (hummus, guacamole, salsa, etc.), chilled desserts, protein salads (buffalo chicken dip, tuna salad, etc.), ready to eat sandwiches, pasta salads, crumbled cheeses, and so much more.

What we’re doing to help combat┬ánational hunger.

During the school year, 22 million children rely on the National School Lunch Program for free and reduced-price meals, according to Feeding America. When school lets out, all those daily meals go away. Additionally, as schools all across the nation struggle to create a safe way for children to go back to school due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many children will continue to go without a regular meal until the National School Lunch Program re-establishes community pick-up spots for families.

Osgood Industries, LLC, a Syntegon Company joined in the opportunity to give back in the fight against combating summer hunger by donating shelf-stable food products to Metropolitan Ministries, a local food bank that serves the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

An Osgood dairy and food filling machine is the first crucial step for food to be packaged before it reaches a customer’s refrigerator or table. Syntegon realizes the importance of the dairy and food industry initiative to donate food to a local food bank and takes to heart how deeply Osgood Filling Machines can impact communities for the better by ensuring the quality, accuracy, and safety of our machines.


If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you get your deli salad products to market faster with an Osgood Filling Machine from Syntegon, reach out to our Sales team at Visit our website┬áto view the Osgood machine portfolio to get more details on a cup-filling machine that will fit your application specific needs.



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